First of Dinner of Fall 2011 8/29

The Menu

8/30 Menu

The menu tonight was pretty simple. It consisted of Mediterranean and Tropical dishes

There were to salads, a caprese salad, consisting of slices of tomato, and mozzarella cheese with balsamic vinegar, basil leaves and rosemary. Due to the relatively simple nature of this quality of ingredients is key. Find yourself some good tomatoes. Heirloom are usually preferred here, but just make sure they taste pretty strongly tomatoy

There was also a greek salad with diced cucumber and tomato, thinly slice red onion, feta and romaine with a dressing found here

The lentil soup is a simple one found here.

Doubles are a Trinidadian curry that’s usually a breakfast/lunch dish found here

The soulvaki is a greek dish I used pork loin, though pork shoulder or any cheap, somewhat fatty pork cut could be used. The marinade I used is found here, though it’s only one of many that would be similiar.

The chorizo con papas is a traditional mexican dish, the recipe is found here though again it’s one of many similar. As with the caprese salad this is very dependent on the quality of your ingredients. Make sure to get the Mexican raw variety of chorizo and not the cured, hard spanish stuff.

That was basically it for tonight, Danielle was responsible for the cupcakes, if you liked those you’ll have to ask her for recipes. See you next week!


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