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Dinner Party

January 25, 2010

Dinner party last night made quite a few things…
Pita Bread and Baba Ganoush the pita was acceptable but the baba ganoush I felt was a little bland, need to get more smokey flavour somehow… edible but not store bought quality
The carrot salad was decent, needed more dressing. I’d try something else next time
The chicken pie was really good, the philo shells make things real easy, need to find that recipe.
the onions were spectacular as always
As was the lamb
The chocolate orange cake was divine. Don’t think grand marnier was neccesary triple sec would probably have worked just as well….


rogan josh

January 5, 2010

made Madhur Jaffrey’s rogan josh with the spices all kicked up a little bit. added a couple of shakes of madras curry powder

we have great success. it’s at the top end of spiciness that I like but really awesome